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Andalusian / Iberian Videos
Exclusive for Andalusian / Iberian horse lovers, exhibitions including Royal Andalusian School, and top international competitors - Invasor, Granadero, Guizo

CHIO Aachen 2001 Videos

CHIO Aachen 2002 Videos
CHIO Aachen 2002 videos filmed, edited and produced by Dressage un Ltd.

CHIO Aachen 2003
World's best compete including Rusty, Relevant, Brentina, Beauvalais. Complete rides, judges' marks by movement on the screen.

CHIO Aachen 2004
The world's best competed for team and individual medals -- the final selection for Athens. Series of nine videos featuring complete rides and judges' marks by movement on the screen. Germany, Netherlands, USA, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and more.

Follow the Stars
Our exclusive video series featuring top international dressage stars at their best. Complete rides with judges' marks by movement on the screen and slow motion replay.

Video Gift Certificate
A gift to be enjoyed over and over. Select a specific video or let your friend select her own favorite.

World Equestrian Games, 2002, Jerez, Spain
Dressage un Ltd filmed, edited and produced videos at World Equestrian Games, September 10 -22, 2002. WEG Freestyle and Grand Prix Special ready to ship.

World Young Horse Championships
Top 10 complete rides from the World Young Horse Championships, 2002, Verden, Germany with judges' commentary and marks. Introduction of over 60 competitors - each qualified with 7.5 minimum score.
Dressage un Ltd Videos
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