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Training & Reference Materials - Videos
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Scuba Instructor Readiness Series - 1802
SIRS, a ten-hour Video and 700 page workbook homestudy program, shows the best classroom, pool, and open-water teaching techniques for any instructor of any agency. You will not only understand the physics, physiology, tables, and other topics of diving as never before, you will also learn ways to teach them better than ever before. Many other videos are also available! Specify either VHS tape or DVD format.
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Blackwater Contingency DVD - AV101
You are entangled and out-of-air in blackwater. What is the plan? This Video is an absolute must for all dive teams who operate in low/no/black visibility water! 27 minutes - DVD
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Rapid Drysuit Dressing & Flooding DVD - AV102
Learn how to rapidly don your druysuit using techniques to prolong the life of the suit. Maintenance and other tips provided. Bonus: Flooding of a drysuit video included on same tape. Learn what happens when a drysuit is completely flooded at 100 feet.
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Surface Ice Rescue - AV103
Learn the safest and most effective Ice rescue procedures with the most effective transport devices available today. This video covers the minimum necessary equipment with step-by-step instruction. Choose VHS or DVD format.
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Carribean Reef Encounter Marine ID DVD - AV209
By master-videographer George Safirowski, this marine ID homestudy program will increase your sport diving enjoyment by teaching you how to look for and identify Carribean marine life.

Field Neurological DVD - FN150
When a risk factor occurs or a diver just doesn't feel right, it is time to perform a field neurological evaluation to discover a problem as quickly as possible. Learn how to perform this proven exam step-by-step. 30 minutes.
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Fighting Car Fires DVD - PW0911
captain Bill Gustin demonstrates safe and effective techniques for extinguishing car fires. (17 minutes)

Advancing The Initial Attack Handline DVD - PW0935
Advancing The Initial Attack Handline DVD examines the safe and effective movement of the of the handline team into the fire area; coordinating the attack with the ventilation team; and the methods for keeping the handline moving, with an emphasis on intercompany communication. (17 minutes)

Methods of Structure Fire Attack DVD - PW0959
Methods of Structure Fire Attack examines the three most widely recognized methods of structure fire attack -- the indirect, direct, and combination methods -- to help you decide which is the safest and most effective for your operations. Includes clips for "The Nozzleman." (25 minutes)

Stretching The Initial Attack Handline DVD - PW0966
Stretching The Initial Attack Handline DVD identifies such important considerations as horizontal vs. vertical stretches and load, a formula for estimating accurate hose lengths based on the building and stair configurations, and how they effect the stretch. (20 minutes)

Search & Rescue in Private Dwellings Part 1 DVD - PW0973
Search & Rescue In Private Dwellings Part 1: The Search Plan, teaches you how to plan your searches, coordinate them with other fireground tasks, adapt them to changing conditions, and execute them as safely as possible.

Search & Rescue In Private Dwellings Part 2 DVD - PW0980
Search & Rescue In Private Dwellings Part 2: Operational Considerations, provides imortant information to accomplish the search and rescue mission in private and multi-family dwellings.
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Training & Reference Materials - Videos
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