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Personal Protection Equipment - PPE Accessories and Maintenance
Miniature Ascent Rate Alarm - DVMARA
MARA is essential to ensure a safe ascent rate. With audible ascent rate, saftey decompression stop, the alarm is heard only by the diver. Fits any dive mask strap.

Aquaseal & Cotol-240 set - X3105
1 oz Aquaseal & 1/2 oz Cotol-240. If you stay on top of small leaks your suit will last and you will stay protected. This set can be used to patch and mend neoprene drysuits or wetsuits. Also can be used to attach team recognition patch on suit.

Seal Cement - X3106
4 oz can of clear seal cement. Stay on top of seam leaks with Seal Cement. At the end of every winter season check and fix ice rescue suit seams. Seal Cement works on all neoprene drysuits and wetsuits.
Personal Protection Equipment - PPE Accessories and Maintenance
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