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Ice Rescue Operations - Ice Rescue Equipment - Surface & Dive
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Empty Ice Awl Wrist Case - 3004
Made in the USA. If you already have ice awls, then this is the case you want. Call for pricing.

Turbo Ice Screw - 3007
Made of chromoloy and stainless steel, these are the easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet. 13cm long; click the link above to read more...

Express Ice Screw - 3008
Made of chromoloy and stainless steel, these are the easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet. 13cm long; speed binder knob and double attachment point. click the link above to read more...

LGS Harness - BH101
Made in the USA. The LGS harness is the #1 harness for public safety divers. The X-back design keeps pressure off the neck. The double-D ring-velcro front closure system allows for proper girth size adjustment. Heavy duty stitching and stiff webbing prevent the harness material from binding up and twisting. The lowest strap sits above the solar plexus, eliminating breathing restriction. Fully adjustable girth & shoulder straps. Sizes Small to 2XL.

Fully-Dressed LGS Harness - BH202
Made in the USA. What could be better than the LGS Harness? A fully-dressed LGS Harness! Comes complete with shears and shear holder, water-rescue knife, and a locking Aluminum carabiner. Small to 2XL.

200' Deployment Bag - BRP200b
Made in the USA. Packed with 200 feet of flexible, multifilament, floating, braided polypropylene line. Slight stretch means that divers or ice rescue personnel will not be pulled too hard by line signals or jostled when they are pulled to shore. Line easily re-packs and stores in nylon bag with handle that can be hung from a PFD for pier-walk search patterns.

Ice Awls - i14
Made in the USA. Pair of sharp, metal spikes protected by a retractable, plastic, spring-loaded sheath allow ice rescuers to pull themselves out of holes. Held together with lanyard; compact for easy storage. Case not included. Please call for pricing.

Ice Awls in Wrist Case - i17
Made in the USA. Ice Awls in a case designed to wear on your wrist. Velcro and stretch bands. Please call for pricing.

Ice Anchor Kit - IA4
This kit comes complete with a steel ice screw (Piton), a black non-locking AL carabiner, and webbing. Use this to secure tenders, divers, or surface rescue personnel tether lines, as well as ice transport devices, to the ice. Call for pricing.

Ice Reach Pole System 2 - MRPK2.1
The new improved MARSARS Reach Pole System 2 consists of the buoyant Reach Pole Handle, Sling Adapter, Cold Water Rescue Sling, Shepherds Crook Adapter, and 110' Pet Rescue line bag. Call for pricing.

Land/Boat/Ice/Pet Reach Pole System 3 - MRPK3.1a
Intended for land /boat/ice/pet based rescue / recovery operations. Often prevents responder from entering water and risking life. Description/Specifications; Reach Pole System 3 includes: One buoyant, sure-grip coated, Reach Pole Handle (Item RPA). Three Extensions (RPB), one (RPC) Grapnel Adapter, one (RPD) Boat Hook Adapter, one (RPE) Rescue Sling Adapter, rescue rope w/lasso, and one (RPF) Shepherds Crook Adapter. Call for pricing.

Buoyancy Rescue Sling - RPG
Next to personal safety, establishing immediate victim-positive-buoyancy on contact is the key to surface rescue. This sling is more effective than any similar product under $500. It is an absolute must for any surface ice rescue. One sling per victim is recommended. Call for pricing.
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Ice Rescue Operations - Ice Rescue Equipment - Surface & Dive
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