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Training & Reference Materials - Books
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Ice Diving Operations - 1162
By Walt “Butch” Hendrick & Andrea Zaferes 430 pages, Fire Engineering Pub. Have you been trained for Real Life Ice Operations? If you learned how to ice dive by cutting a hole, with tenders standing on the ice and divers climbing out and walking back to shore, then what will happen on a real call? An actual call means that the ice was too thin to support the victim, so it won’t support a dive team. Most of what was learned in a standard ice diving course rapidly falls apart. This is the most complete and realistic book on ice diving SAR. Learn about state-of-the art techniques and procedures never before put in print. Learn how to avoid costly training and equipment purchase mistakes. And learn how to make sure that your tenders and divers can complete the most important mission of all: GO HOME when the job is done.

Public Safety Diving - 1294
350 Pages. By Hendrick and Zaferes. Written for instructors, dive team captains, surface teams, and underwater personnel alike, this book offers information on procedures for safe operations, proper methods of training, and how to make appropriate purchasing decisions. Various techniques and types of equipment are discussed and assessed. Safety is the constant theme throughout, with and emphasis on surface support, accident prevention, contingency procedures, risk/benefit analysis, and standard operating guidelines. Included also are chapter on methods of search in black water, swift water, and contaminated water, as well as techniques for evidence recovery. This book is a must- have for any department seeking routine outcomes to underwater operations: that victims are saved, that evidence is recovered intact, and that personnel return from the bottom safe and sound.

Surface Ice Rescue Book - 2853
By Andrea Zaferes & Walt Hendrick. Learn state-of-the-art rescue techniques that keep rescuers and victims as safe as possible. The pros and cons of different commercially available equipment are presented. Patient care information for everyone from the first responder to EMS personnel is given in an easy to read format.

Field Neurological Manual - FN100
By Andrea Zaferes & Walt Hendrick, this eye-opening book teaches you how to prevent, recognize, document, and manage diving accidents. The practical, unique information will change the way you dive, tend, or teach.

LGS Dive Log Book - L1810
With a rescue throw rope bag making a save on the cover, these log books provide plenty of space for you to document necessary information about your public safety or sport dives.

Starting a Dive Team - L1811
This 35 page manual provides practical information about training, equipment, risks, and procedures. This booklet will save starting teams from making common mistakes, will help experienced teams become safer and more effective. By Walt

PSD Article Kit - L1812
This kit is a spiral bound Collection of over 40 articles on public safety diving by Walt

Medical Terminology Review Flash Cards - MD5090
Set of 160 flashcards covering the most commonly used prefixes, suffixes and combining forms. Call for pricing.

Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations - O2268
The purpose of the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations is to remove the mystique from underwater investigative procedures, and to supply a clear, descriptive, step-by-step instruction manual for the professional Public Safety Dive Team. Correspondance course also available for $16.50

Whitewater Rescue Manual - O7905
198 Pages, by Charles Waldbridge & Wayne A Sundmacher Sr., Whitewater Rescue Manual offers practical solutions to potential whitewater hazards.

Swiftwater Rescue - O8503
Firefighters, park rangers, search and rescue squad members, EMS administrators, and anyone whose public safety duties include river, flood or swiftwater rescues will find this densely illustrated, fact-filled book to be of tremendous value. It is written to save lives- yours and your team mates as well as those of the people you rescue. Swiftwater rescue is one of the most dangerous types of technical rescue- this book shows you how to stay alive and succeed.

Animal Rescue - O852x
Approximately half of all US households have a pet of some kind. There are thousands of head of valuable livestock in flood-prone areas, and many have perished in recent floods. Many people with pets or livestock will refuse to evacuate during a flood, and those who do will often sneak in later to try to rescue their animals. Rescue of animals and people cannot be separated and must be considered together.
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Training & Reference Materials - Books
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