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Surface Operations - Boat & PWC Operations
Inflatable Boats - IB
Please check with us for any inflatable boat needs. Zodiac, Avon, Achilles, and more available.

Personal Watercraft Sled - MPWCS
Increased lifesaving efficiency. Improve your ocean rescue capability to respond in heavy surf or dangerous current conditions. Extricate distressed swimmers in seconds. Though originally designed for big surf rescues by Hawaiian lifesavers, the PWC Life Sled is a lifesaving-friendly device that has proven its worth in both coastal and inland waters. The Sled's unique three point hook-up system enables PWC operators to maneuver sharply without capsizing the attached sled. Other features include: Rounded bow for pivoting. Twin heavy-duty shock cord stabilizers. Tough plastic nose guard to prevent chaffing. Ten (10) large opened handles to aid boarding by weakened distressed swimmer(s) or rescuers. Soft foam surface that prevents injury and remains tacky when wet. A thick, wide hull that provides over 300 pounds of positive buoyancy. Keeps your tired and perhaps cold victim from the water, even in the event of power loss. Is brightly colored for rescue use. Call for pricing.

Rapid Deployment Craft - RDC
Swiftwater rescue is safe and sure with Oceanid's RDC Rapid Deployment Craft inflatable rescue raft. The RDC allows a rescuer or rescue team to quickly reach a victim and safely retrieve them in swift water, whitewater, floods or low head dam entrapment situations.

Roll-Up Straps - S0006
Nylon webbing attached to a boat will allow one person to roll a victim up into a boat. Also, these straps can be used to right flipped boats. Call for more information. 2 - 15' sections.
Surface Operations - Boat & PWC Operations
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