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Underwater Communication Systems - Aquacom Wireless Systems
Surface Conversion Kit - CDK-6
The CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit is designed to convert an SSB-2010 into a portable surface station. The Kit consists of (1) deluxe headset with boom microphone (THB-13), Push-to-talk (PTT) control, and a 55' transducer cable (TC-35S) including connectors. The CDK-6 is perfect for fast response and is recommended as it is more portable. Call for pricing.

Ear/Mic Assembly - EMA-2
Dual earphones with holders, Push-to-talk control, connector, AGA cover plate, and Hot-Mic element all included. High-use for AGA full face mask, for Guardian mask use EM-OTS2 assembly. Call for Pricing.

Aquacom Transceiver - Needs EMA - SSB-2010
Aquacom SSB-2010 4-channel, voice menu, diver tranceiver can be used with CDK-6. Needs EMA - Ear/mic assembly. For AGA use EMA-2, Guardian Mask use EM-OTS2. See Ear/Mic Assembly section above for ear/mic assembly info. Call for pricing.

Aquacom STX-101 Tranceiver - STX-101
The Aquacom® STX-101 surface transceiver is a 5-watt, multichannel, single sideband underwater telephone designed with the Professional Search & Rescue Teams in mind. The STX-101 offers four channels that match the SSB-2010. This system is tough, powerful and a must for any serious Search & Rescue Team. Call for pricing.
Underwater Communication Systems - Aquacom Wireless Systems
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