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Diving Equipment / Supplies - PSD - BH201
Fully-Dressed LGS Harness - BH201
Features to look for in a water operation harness for diving and surface ice rescue: 1. Rapid girth-size adjustment capability for proper girth sizing, between individuals and for different exposure suits. 2. Shoulder strap adjustment capability for proper height adjustments - tether point should be at solar plexus height. 3. X-back design, not a Y-back design, to avoid any pressure on back of neck. 4. A stainless D-ring tether-point built into the harness that is separate from the girth- closure system. 5. A secure girth-closure system - the Lifeguard Systems harness uses double D-rings plus a Velcro back-up system. 6. Parachute nylon stitching for strength and durability. 7. A stiff material webbing to prevent the webbing from twisting, binding up, and working itís way inbetween the wearerís ribs. 8. A back D-ring tether point option for double-tether point systems for surface operations and for tethering a tender on a steep embankment. 9. Color-coded sizing for easy and quick donning of the right harness 10. Two tether points for attaching tools. Small: Red, Medium: Blue, Large: Black, XL: Green, XXL: Tan To size harnesses, use BC or wetsuit sizes. Medium and Large are the most commonly used sizes.

Diving Equipment / Supplies - PSD - BH201
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